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At Semurg Enterprise, we endeavor to provide the support and services that professional developers deserve. Whenever you need help, contact Semurg's support staff to receive prompt, concise answers and solutions to your queries

Who gets support?

Only registered users can benefit from our expert technical support.


To save everyone some time, we'd like you to do a few things before contacting us. We know the urge to call is great, but we'd appreciate it if you double check this list first:
  • Have you consulted the help file?
  • Have you used the search feature of the help file?
  • Have you looked at the sample application source?
  • Have you checked the FAQ?
  • Do you have the latest APP/EXE file for your FRX2Any Class Library / ReportDepot executable? If not, visit the download section
If you got this far, its definitely time to tell us about your problem.

How to obtain support

The preferred method of contacting us for technical support is to send an email to support@frx2any.com but if you do, please include the required information, listed in the next section below.

Required Information

When you are formulating a support question on the FRX2Any/ReportDepot, keep in mind that the support staff usually needs to know the following information:
  • Which FRX2Any/ReportDepot module and version you are using
  • Which Visual FoxPro version you are using
  • Your operating system and version
  • The error code returned by the called method or function, if applicable
  • If applicable, please provide us sample code from within you make call to FRX2Any
  • If it is possible, please provide us sample of your report and all related file(s)

For sales enquires please contact sales@frx2any.com
To obtain support please contact support@frx2any.com For general company information please contact info@frx2any.com

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