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What is the difference between the evaluation and full version?
The only difference between the evaluation and full version is the watermark that is printed on each page and registration reminder screen. Other than the watermark and registration reminder screen the evaluation version is fully functional.

Are there recurring costs when using your product?
No, once you purchase a license you can use that version of the software as long as you like.

Does FRX2Any support Office 97 or earlier?
FRX2Any will only work with Office 97 or better.

Does FRX2Any support WordPerfect?
FRX2Any does not support WordPerfect.

I use the CODEMINE framework. So, when I insert the FRX2Any classes (VCX) into my project (written with CodeMine) there must be something interfering with the timer (tmrShowReport) in the PrintPreviewForm. It goes like this: The Advanced Report Viewer shows up, the toolbar with everything enabled (not disabled as when the pages are loading normally), the title shows "page 1 loaded", and no contents are shown in the Advanced Report Viewer form. The system stops responding. I can't click or do anything, and when the report is complete (all pages), the first page shows up, and the Advanced Report Viewer title flickers showing "page 1 loaded" , "page 40 loaded" (if there is 40 pages), many times, as if it was then firing the TIMER. Have you seen this before ? Would you have an idea of what could I do to avoid this? P.S. Under FRX2Any DEVELOPER project everything goes fine.
It seems that CodeMine sets _VFP.AutoYield to .F. Before calling the Advanced Report Viewer just be sure that _VFP.AutoYield settings is .T.

My problem is that it should work (FRX2Any) without including the report path because I am compiling every report into the executable file, so in this case the report is inside the executable file and it does not have a path...
In this case some work around will be required. For more details please see FRX2Any help file, chapter "Embedded report".

Does FRX2Any use Word to generate the RTF?
FRX2Any does not use MS Word processor to generate RTF output file.

How can I save DOC, XLS, RTF files in some other directory that the default 'C:\MyReports\'?
You can specify different output name and directory by changing value of properties:
loFile.cExportFileName = lcReportFile - Name of the output file without extension
loFile.cSaveFolder = lcExportPath - Path for the output file.

How can I include FRX2Any in my project?
It depends on what you want to include. If you mean FRX2Any.APP - there is no way to include it in your EXE file, you have to ship it separately with your EXE (see \Samples\Sample project\ folder) If you mean FRX2Any.VCX (in our case it is DEVELOPER edition) - just include this VCX library in you project.

Does FRX2Any convert FRX reports done in FoxPro 2.6 under DOS to Excel?
FRX2Any does not support any FoxPro DOS reports.

Do I have to purchase the full program with source code to be able to customize it?
Yes, if you want to customize FRX2Any - i.e. change text of messages, progress bar, etc. It is better to purchase FRX2Any DEVELOPER edition.

What is your return policy if I can't get it to work for me?
We don't have any return policy. Before you purchase, please, try demo version. Note that the Full (Retail) version and the demo version are the same (demo version will show a watermark on each converted report page)

What are the methods of payment?
Semurg Enterprise accepts bank transfer, check, money order or credit card payments through PayPal. All funds must be in US dollars. If you have special billing needs, please contact sales@frx2any.com

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For sales enquires please contact sales@frx2any.com
To obtain support please contact support@frx2any.com For general company information please contact info@semurg.ca

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